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Posted by Susan Brown & Stephanie Smith on 8/17/2017

Water is one of those utilities that you cannot live without. This could be why people treat water as if it's free and let water run even when they don't really need it. The cost of water usage could go unnoticed in areas where water and sewage bills are only required to be paid every quarter, especially if the two utility bills are combined.

Easy tricks to lower your water bills

You may not think it's the water usage at your house that's driving your monthly expenses up $200 a quarter. Yet, if you drop your water usage, you could get back enough money to catch a live stage play, concert or several hit movies. That money savings could also be spent put eating out once a week within easy reach.

So, how do you get to lower water bills? How do you stop paying more for this necessary utility than you need to? See how many of these tricks you can easily fit into your daily routines:

  • Turn off water while you brush your teeth. Run water in a rinsing cup to rinse your teeth clean of toothpaste at the end of brushings. If you lived in an apartment, you'd really appreciate this simple step, as excessive water usage can drive up monthly apartment utility bills.
  • Wash laundry once a week or twice a month. If you live alone, you might be able to wash clothes twice a month.
  • After you relieve yourself first thing in the morning and flush the toilet, wait to flush the toilet a second time until you're ready to leave home for the day or start working out of your home office. This trick helps you avoid using your toilet as a garbage disposal.
  • Take your vehicles to the car wash when you wash them.
  • Place dishes in the dishwasher as they are. Don't rinse or wash your dishes off before you run them through the dishwasher. It's a great way to test your dishwasher. If your dishwasher is working properly, your dishes should be clean when you take them out of the dishwasher.
  • Keep a gallon of clean, drinking water in the refrigerator. This trick can keep you from running water in the faucet until the water turns cold.
  • Avoid shaving while you're in the shower.

Lower water bills gives you more money to spend on fun things

Habits that lead to weaker personal finances start with simple things. At home, something as simple as running water for too long or using water based equipment for the wrong reasons could lead to high water bills. This money takes away from money you might spend on entertainment, hobbies, travel and socializing.

If you form bad water usage habits, you could also be weakening your personal savings. It doesn't take much to imagine what an additional $100 a quarter in savings or an investment account would build to in a few years You don't even have to implement all of the tricks to lower your water bills to start yielding savings.

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Posted by Susan Brown & Stephanie Smith on 8/11/2017

DIAMOND in the ROUGH... but YOU can make it SHINE! Cute 3 bedroom, 1 bath Ranch offers so much potential... New furnace 2016 and recently insulated attic. Eat in kitchen with new refrigerator and slider to back yard. Full unfinished basement with washer & dryer hookup offers great storage. Level lot with patio area and lovely plantings. Storage shed, Roof 1995. Updated leaching field too... Title 5 Certification in process of being done. Terrific location close to all; only 1.5 miles to beautiful Monument Beach. This could be the one!

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Posted by Susan Brown & Stephanie Smith on 8/10/2017

Many people are finding that their paychecks aren't getting them as far as they used to. The cost of groceries is constantly rising, gas prices are creeping back up, and services like cable and wireless seem to increase every with every bill. To keep up with it all, many people opt to put in more hours at work or find a second job. However, if you're not comfortable with sacrificing your free time there are other ways to keep up with the bills. There are many hobbies that can earn you extra income and will help you learn new skills in the process. This article will overview some income-driving hobbies for everyone and show you how to monetize them to help pay the bills.

Sell your photography

Photography is an amazing skill to learn. Once you get past the basics of understanding shutter speed and aperture, you'll find you can take all different types of photos. Many people associate photography with being very expensive, and while it certainly can be, advancements in the technology have made it rather affordable to get started. Once you've learned the ins and outs of your camera, there are a few ways to earn money from photography. If you have an eye for detail and setting things up, you could try selling stock photography online or taking product photography for local crafters. If you're more of a "people" person, then portraits might be more of a rewarding hobby for you. Graduation photos and family portraits are both good ways to learn the basics. Eventually you could try out being a second shooter at a wedding; meaning you work with a professional wedding photographer to help them get more shots of the wedding and reception. As you improve and build experience, you can increase your prices.

Build things people will love

When I was younger my father worked full-time and when he came home the first thing he did was head outside to start working on whatever building project he had going on. Sheds, picnic tables, tree houses... there's no end to the types of things you can build in your backyard. Getting money for your hard work is easy in the age of the internet. Most important, though, is that you're building things people will love. Pinterest is packed with ideas and YouTube full of tutorials when it comes to inspiration and learning. Once you've completed your project you can put in on your local Craigslist, a Facebook group, or even in your front lawn with a For Sale sign.

Blogging and copyediting

Would you be the first one to notice if there was a typo in this article? Do you find yourself occasionally thinking, "That would be a really good topic to write about"? Blogging and digital copyediting are two growing markets with a lot of opportunity for those of us with a passion for the written word. To work with existing businesses there are several websites that allow you to market your services online. Pick a topic that you're interested in or one you're already an expert at, and reach out to companies in that industry. If you're more of the DIY type, make your own blog with the help of a site like WordPress. Once you build a readership, you can monetize with ads and sponsors.

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RAMBLING Renovated RANCH with pond access and views! Step inside this pretty contemporary home featuring cathedral wood ceilings, new wall to wall carpet & fresh paint in every room! The kitchen is truly the heart of this home offering large center island breakfast bar, granite countertops, white cabinetry & young appliances. Eating area with slider to private back deck for entertaining. Three bedrooms, master with private bath & slider to deck. Large living room with Intrepid Vermont Castings wood stove & large picture window framing peeks of Pimlico Pond. Updates in last 10 yrs; furnace, roof, windows, 200 amp electrical plus an addt'l 100 amp service in the oversized heated 2 car garage! Partial finished room in basement, plus room to expand. Title 5 in hand - quick close ok!

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A large bathroom lends you a wide open feeling. You might release stressors of the day and relax more fully while you're inside a spacious bathroom. If you live in a house that's filled with small children, a vibrant spouse and two pets, the bathroom might be the only place where you can go in your home to get away from busyness.

Is your bathroom your quiet sanctuary?

Your bathroom might be the only place where you can go to enter a realm of silence. That might actually be a reason why people go to the bathroom to read. But, how much can you really relax in a small bathroom? How can a small bathroom offer you all of the features and benefits that you're looking for?

To get everything that you want out of a bathroom, you might have to add amenities to your bathroom. Among these amenities are:

  • Multi-purpose faucets - A multi-purpose faucet can be used to wash clothes by hand, wash your face, brush your teeth and enjoy a cold splash of water without having to reach for a cup.
  • Fascinating colors - In this instance, fascinating colors represents colors that provoke positive emotions like peace, hopefulness and motivation from within you.
  • Floor tiling - Go for bathroom floor tiling that you find attractive from a visual aspect. To get increased pleasure from walking on your bathroom flooring, install tiles that feel comfortable against your feet. When you shop for bathroom flooring, ask the store clerk if you can pull off your shoes and walk on the flooring. You don't have to step on the flooring barefoot. Walking on the flooring with socks on could be enough to let you know how comfortable the flooring really is.
  • Stylish sink - Options for sinks are plentiful. You could install a simple basin as a sink. Go for a sink that is bordered with a storage cabinet and you gain a cleaning and a storage area. When it comes to the sink faucet, you could get a tub sprouts spigot, double handle faucets or widespread faucets.
  • Rare bathroom window - Older homes are built with bathroom windows. Add a window to your bathroom and you can add more natural oxygen to the room. A bathroom window also gives you a reason to hang decorative window treatments like drapes, curtains or blinds. For example, you could hang bamboo blinds in front of your bathroom window.
  • Large tub - Don't go small on your bathtub. If you love soaking in a deep tub of bubble water, treat yourself to a garden tub or to a long, porcelain or marble tub.
  • Modern shower - If a bubble bath isn't for you, install a modern shower. It could be as easy as upgrading your shower head.

These are just a few ways to turn a small bathroom into one of the favorite rooms at your house. Add a small radio to the bathroom. Flip the power button when you enter the room, filling the bathroom with relaxing jazz or another music form that you love.

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