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Posted by Susan Brown & Stephanie Smith on 10/5/2017

When you meet someone that you want to share the rest of your life with, you start thinking about ways to build a loving home with this person. What you don't think about are ways to create a home that adds to your romance, that motivates you to deepen the bond that you share with your spouse. It's time to change that.

Home designs that cause marital strife

Even if you only stay at your current house for three to five years, you're going to spend a lot of time in your home. It's no secret that cramped rooms, lack of closet space and a poorly designed house lead to frustration, arguments and territorial battles.

If you've ever argued with your partner about how she reaches in front of you while you're shaving or stays in the one bathroom in the house too long, seemingly making you late for work, you know firsthand how your house impacts your marriage. Or maybe your marital arguments center around your husband keeps the living room television turned to a cooking channel.

10 home style changes that encourage romance

Try these 10 home redesigns if you're looking for ways to enjoy more romance in your marriage. See how many of them encourage better open dialogue and nonverbal communication between you and your spouse.

  1. Shop for a house that offers the space that encourages togetherness and independence. This means choosing a house that makes it hard for you and your partner to step over each other while washing up in the morning, passing through hallways and cooking.
  2. Paint walls in gentle, neutral colors.
  3. Hang framed and unframed pictures of you and your partner holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes and spoon feeding one another.
  4. Decorate coffee and end tables with scented candles, scents that are absolute favorites of you and your partner.
  5. Place a two-seater table in the kitchen. Dine here as a couple at least once a day.
  6. Design your walls with romantic quotes. You could use quotes that are carved into wood, marble or stone.
  7. Install a supportive but comfortable mattress in your bedroom. Beautiful bed covers also encourage tranquility and togetherness.
  8. Keep the temperature in your home at degrees that both your partner and you appreciate.
  9. Place a porch swing on your front or back porch.Sit on the swing once a week, especially on warm, balmy evenings, sitting quietly together while you hold hands or discuss recent events in your lives.
  10. Lower kitchen cabinets to keep the shorter partner from having to climb on a step stool to reach dishware and food stored on top shelves.

It's been said that home is where the heart is. The wrong home design, layout or space could actually take the heart out of your house. The wrong house could also turn the heat down on your marital romance. With a little preparation and decor, you could live in a house that supports the romance that inspired you to marry and build a home.

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